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Top 10 Nail Art Design 2019

The nail art designs are popular among the fashionistas these days.Everyone who loves to work in bright colors or new trendy fashion sense are into nail art.The materials and colors are most easily available and hence, why not try new ones often?

These easy nail art designs are beautiful and trendy at the same time.They can brighten up your hands at an instant.

Check what best you like, and hence you can easily do them yourself too, match up with your dresses and occasions.Continue reading this guide to know more on beautiful nail art to try on.These are absolutely loved nail designs and can be done quickly without effort.While many adore these designs check on how you can do it and a guide on these designs here.

1. Free Hand Flower Nail Design Ideas

This might although, and we admit be a little hard to draw and create all by yourself, so its best that you find an apt nail parlor and let their professionals work on your fingernails like a charm. If you have good hands at drawing on nails, then you can try out this design using acrylic paints and a nail art brush.

  • This may require nail art stickers for help to make that perfect shape.
  • In case you are creative, you can try this out by applying off white color in the background and then applying orange and green shades to make a flower.

2. Easy Puzzle Nail Art Designs

Orange and white polka dots give off a very pleasing feel and a retro touch as in like French nail art to the nails.You can sport this look at theme parties and garner quick praises.This is super trendy looking nail art and yet very easy to do with your dotting tools.And this suits long nails with established nail polish brands like Zoya and L’Oreal for better color brightness.

  • First, make a diagonal and fill in both colors in the nails.
  • Then take the opposite colors and apply dots.
  • Once done, apply the top coat too.

3. Sponge Effect Sunset Nail Art By Using Metal Finish Nail Paint

This nail art can be created easily by using three different shimmer finish colors of high-quality nail polishes and a sponge. You will need metal finish nail polish for this nail art.

  • Take two metal finish nail polishes and pain nails, as seen in the picture.
  • First pain the yellowish color beneath and fill it up with the orange tone color.
  • Use a top coat to cover and seal this design.
  • The effect is very ombre-like, so when you are bored of the same uni color design, this one is
  • your ticket to standing out for good reasons.
  • This can be a look that you take along to the beach for the day.

4. Latest Simple Nail Art Ideas

This is a very girly thing that girls do.And this is quite easy to do at the same time.You can buy these from the stores which specially sell these.Then you can take a palette and put some paint of your choice on it and use the tools to create these.

  • Use blue paint to use all over alternative fingernails.
  • Other nails like forefinger and ring finger can be painted with black.
  • Take white polish and make dots on black paints.

5. Nail Art Simple Design Dots

You can try drawing something like this with your brushes and equipment.This art has a girly look to it and simple too.

  • Similarly, use the paints to apply dots on the nails alternatively.
  • This art is easy to do and is among simple nail art designs.

6. Cute Nails Design

You can add more glamour when you are wearing something like this.This art is trendy and will suit most girls.You can wear this with almost all types of floral prints.

  • Apply grey nail polish on all nails.
  • For the ring finger, take stones and decorate it as shown in picture for the look.

7. Thick Red Nail Designs With Jewelers

Pearls can be easily bought from crafts stores. It will cost you very less, and these are quite cheap. You can use these with a special adhesive which also you can get from unique supply stores and which does not harm the enamel. If you think that you have brittle nails, then you should use a thick base coat before you use these.

You can add some freehand painting to these. These are quite easily done and easy to sport. You can also wear some metal chains with these. You can buy those from the stores that specially sell those.

  • Just apply a red color all over the nails.
  • For the ring finger, decorate it with stones.

8. Black Nail Art Designs With Pearls

This can go with almost any form of outfits.And this is easy to do, and you can wear this for parties.You can also wear these for regular work if you keep the base color slightly neutral.You can centrally place pearl beads and then use a top coat to create patterns.

  • This design is the same as the last design.
  • Apply black color all over and stick white stones for the ring finger.

9. Light Pink Nail Art With Rhinestones

This design can do with any other chosen colors of your choice.Do not forget to use a thick layer of top coat or use a single layer and then wait and then use another to seal these things in so,You can use other deco materials along with this to give it more glam.You can wear Rhinestones with this to provide it with a more party-like look.

  • Use pink color shade all over in nails and take white stones for the look here.

10. Neon Coloured Paint Nail Art

You can easily do this even if you have no experience in doing nail art.You can team this up with almost any forms of floral or polka outfits.Using neon colors will also look quite showy for something like this.This design is quite glamorous and very easy when you try.

  • Take black and dark maroon nail polish here.
  • Use maroon for all over the finger with glitter nature.
  • Then use black nail polish at corner edges.

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