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How to Learn to Draw Hair and Hair [Step by Step] + Hairstyles

When we make a drawing of a character or a portrait, one of the most important elements is the hair.

Hair is an element that gives personality and style to our character.

As you know there are many types of hair and regardless of style, length or color; This will always be one of the first parts of the drawing to be observed.

Why does hair draw so much attention in a drawing?

Simple, this is because in most of the drawings the hair occupies a large part of the work and as every important part deserves dedication when drawing it.

Before starting you should know that there is a wide variety in terms of hairstyles, always starting from the most subtle, the differences between male and female hair.

Within these two varieties of gender, we find differences in length, texture and hairstyle or shape that will have the hair in our drawing, which is also important to consider.

It is important at the time of drawing to establish all the previous points to have a clear idea of ​​what exactly we want.

For all good cartoonists or artists, it is important to get a good job in terms of finishing and movement of the hair in the works since as in real life you can have a beautiful face, but with bad hair, our drawing will be a complete disaster.

Materials for Drawing Hair

Drawing hair can be a very complicated and tedious task, only the best cartoonists make drawings of spectacular hair, but that does not mean that you can not do it or you can get pretty good results.

For that, I recommend you start by having good materials to make drawings of hair, and the best thing is that here I leave a list of the best drawing materials, a list that you can use to become the best draftsman.

Acquire the best drawing materials because I know you will need to become a first-class artist.

How to Learn to Draw Hair by Pencil?

When a person starts in the world of art or drawing, he must start with the basics, that is, pencil drawings, so in case of errors it is easier to correct them with the use of the eraser.

It is important to handle certain general techniques, in terms of how to draw hair, I will talk about them in a few moments.

Finally, it is essential that you take into account and practice each technique that is explained. The complete domain of them will allow you to venture into new techniques of drawing with colors, which will help you get better finishes.

General Techniques for Drawing Pencil Hair


To achieve a more natural hair when drawing with pencil one of the main recommendations is NOT to completely support the pencil when making the path.

Why? It is important to remember that the hair does not have the same thickness in all its extension, so I recommend you to strongly support the pencil at the beginning of the stroke and then decrease the pressure little by little, to give a more natural touch to our strokes.


At the time of drawing the hair, the contrast and the lights have the main role, these two elements are what give us the volume in our works.

Almost, as a rule, darker shades or higher contrast sand located in the outermost or top of the hair. While the light tones are towards the middle or lower part.

This change of tones and contrast gives us the possibility to play with the depth of our drawing.


In real life no hair is 100% static, even the smoothest hair has some movement and captures this feature in a drawing will undoubtedly define you as an artist of the best.

To add movement to the hair in your works, you only have to give directionality to the strokes you make, maintaining order and always guiding all the strokes towards the same place.


Apply these techniques when drawing and I assure you, that soon you will be a great artist.

How to Learn to Draw Woman Hair Step by Step?

Already entering into what are the different variants, we will begin by learning to draw women’s hair.

In general, female figures are related to long hair, but nowadays it is increasingly common to see women with short hair at shoulder level or even similar to men’s hair.

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