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Cheese Tray Turkey

Some mellow cheddar and Colby Jack cheeses, Oldani salami, and Flipside Pretzel saltines for the plumes. Two peppercorns for the eyes, a large portion of a pistachio shell for the mouth, and toothpicks for the legs (fundamentally whatever I could discover in the wash room since I overlooked these parts) and a collapsed fourth of a bit of salami for the waddle (Is that what it’s called, mother?), and that is the manner by which you make a cheddar plate turkey. This child is presently cooling in the downstair’s cooler. Presently for some all the more cooking and cleaning. Thanksgiving is coming! Huzzah!

Likewise, on account of A Beautiful Mess for the thought and my mother for grabbing the salami from Spirito’s in Collinsville. Oh…and Lola for obediently remaining close by while I deliberately set each bit of cheddar and salami

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