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7 steps to make a perfect Smokey Eyes

Although makeup trends have dominated for a while, the Smokey Eyes concept does not give up and remains more relevant than ever.

While initially associated with an intense black makeup, the truth is that according to the makeup artist & hair designer Lizzy Ossandón, the “smokey” -which means smoked- can not only be used with black but a variety of tonality.

For MakeUp Artist the important thing is to know that ” if you start with lighter colors, you can gradually intensify it and get to the darkest color, the elemental thing is to go from less to more, since it assures you that each color you use will serve as a guide to apply the other darker on top of the previous one. So your Smokey Eyes will be a real success. ”

To achieve a successful Smokey Eyes, it is always “recommended to start with the eyes and then with the makeup of the rest of the face. (primer, base, contouring, blush, illuminators). This order of makeup is quite useful, since the particles of the shadows generally fall off, dirtying the face. So we only clean once “explains Lizzy Ossandón, who also delivers 7 tips for a perfect Smokey Eyes:

7 steps for a Smokey Eyes

1.- Eyebrows

It is essential to outline them and leave them well defined. You can use a pencil, shadow and/or eyebrow mask to fill them and achieve the desired color intensity. Do not forget that the eyebrows are the frame of our eyes.

2.- Apply first “primer” or “pre-base of eyes” on the entire eyelid

The first aims to achieve a barrier between the skin and the colors to be applied, so that it will not generate grease, making the makeup last for several hours without running.

Besides, it will serve to neutralize the colors of the eyelid and we will make it look like a blank sheet. So you can have the certainty of where to apply each color without getting confused.

3.- Blur

With a brush to smudge, apply a matt brown shadow, blurring from the outer eye socket to the mobile eyelid. Little by little you can intensify it until you reach the desired color.

4.- Applies touches of dark tone

With a flat brush, and with small touches, apply a darker color on the mobile eyelid.

5.- Draw the greater mathematical symbol smaller than (> <)

To obtain a more intense look, apply a darker color with a small blending brush by drawing the larger mathematical symbol smaller than (> <) in the outer socket of the mobile eyelid. 6.- Delinea

To make it look more elegant, apply a black beaded gel or liquid eyeliner brush over the upper lashes, and shaded eyeliner under the lower lashes. You can also use a water pencil to delineate inside and thus achieve a deeper look.

7.- Ilumina

Apply with another light illuminated beveled brush under the eyebrows and in the lacrimal region. Use your ring finger to apply shadow with glitter in the middle of the mobile eyelid and thus give another touch of light. Applies waterproof eyelash mask.

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