10 Basic Summer Dresses for Girls

Girls, a little less than a month ago that summer came and I imagine that many of you already took the winter things out of the closet to make room for shorts, Placitas and other cool clothes for this demon’s heat. And in this titanic work (because it’s not easy, right?), Most of us go to stores and we want to buy everything new in the season and get dressed in the latest rags that mannequins wear; but that’s just a mistake of time, money and energy.

However, now that summer has come I recommend you invest in basic and functional garments that, suddenly you already have, or that you have to renew or, if not, give yourself time and when you can give yourself a treat, but always thinking about the garments basic

Let’s see it! Attentive!

1. The little white dress (Little White Dress)

Just as in winter a good black dress will get you out of trouble to attend a cocktail party, a white dress this season is an imperative for an event in which you want to see yourself regal. I’m not talking about any white dress, like the beach ones, no. I mean one that fits you well, that fits you perfectly, that you know you can always use it and put many combinations of accessories and transform your look every time you use it as if it were a different dress. That, that’s a good little white dress.

2. Sandals in Nude (skin color)

They remember my post about how the girls that we are flat (or short) we should dress? ( here ) Well, in summer we wear a lot of skirts, shorts and dresses, so our legs will be outdoors, entoncesssss, it is best to have a good pair of shoes in the tone of our skin so that we look taller, creating the optical illusion of an infinite leg by the nude tone or skin on our feet. I recommend you to have two pairs of shoes in this tone, some more elegant for the important tones and solidity and others more relax for the movies, going out with friends and work.

3. White blazer

It is a summer must-have, as well as the winter black. The white blazer goes with everything from your office outfits to a beach party at night, the movies, a christening, a party, etc. A white blazer makes you not lose the freshness of the sun season and at the same time, you add sophistication to your look.

4. Striped top

The sailor style is the favorite of all summers, so a striped top, blouse or polo will always be summer basic that combines with everything. Keep in mind that the narrow stripes refine the silhouette and the thick ones broaden, the vertical ones stylize us more. Look how I combine my horizontal striped blouse in this post.

5. Sleeveless white blouse

A white blouse is super necessary and we should have a couple of them in our closet. In summer opt for a zero-sleeve that will serve you for everything. If you want to add fun to your look, use a maxi necklace or maxi earrings in a vibrant color like fuchsia, blue, red, green.

6. White pants

Another summer classic is white pants. If it is for the office, there are beautiful or straight cut palazzos and for casual occasions, the cigarettes work super well (they are royal with the off-shoulder blouses or rum bars, here ).

7. The mini

I mean mini shorts or mini skirts. And there are nothing more regal girls than to show your tanned legs in summer with total freedom and comfort. I prefer mini jeans shorts because you can combine them with everything and you have more freedom to move than mini skirts.

8. Printed or colored pants

Summer calls us to use intense and vibrant colors, so a floral or palm-print trousers or in strong colors like fuchsia, red, purple, blue or green you can not miss. You can combine them with heels and a light chiffon blouse for the office; or with some platforms and a top for a special occasion.

9. Long dress (Maxi dress)

Ideal for your summer evenings. If you are high you combine them with flats, if you are short and you are intimidated, get on the highest platforms you have and ready (the best thing is that no one will notice). The maxi dresses are so versatile that you can combine them with a denim shirt in the afternoon or with a blazer + a statement necklace (maxi necklace) for a formal dinner. They are romantic, youthful and summery.

10. Panama hat

Glorified in the 19th century, it had its origin during the construction of the Panama Canal and it was Theodore Roosevelt who used it and increased its popularity.

For the city or the beach, this hat becomes the best option, there are almost no limitations to use it. The jean can be your best companion next to a white shirt, also the black dress is a good choice. It is advisable to let the Panama hat be the center of attention and combine it with classic garments that highlight its simplicity.

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