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30 Best Hairstyles for girls

Step by step I explain the easiest hairstyles that you will always be beautiful

If you are looking for hair that you can do simply the hair is the most practical as long as you have long hair but for short hairstyles, it does not work.

The collected hair can be with braids since once we made a simple braid that we used to make when we were girls we can pick it up and shape it by just tying it or adding a brooch to our head.

Never forget the famous headbands that can save us when we do not comb or when our hair is uncontrollable by moisture, this accessory leaves the look of our head neat and fast to comb evenly.

Bet the hair with braids always! and if it is curled much better! where you can do style crowns, princesses, add the trend of headbands with cat ears that is very beautiful and eye-catching.

Then you have if you like more side knotted pigtails where if you have long hair you can grab two ends of hair and as if they were ties you tie them on the side of your shoulder.

Another simple style is the low ponytail with a knot that can be more decoration with an appliqué or if you do not have it simply without anything.

If you have waves in your hair you just tie it up by taking your head in the middle separating the two ends of hair and making a knot in the neck.

The tall and elegant ponytail is a classic that our mothers made us when we were simple and practical girls, where we collected our hair generally straight and with a rubber band we tied it from the top of the head from the part of the upper neck.

But what better than to show you photos of how each hairstyle is made and to understand each step that I explain to you where we can best take new ideas and take advantage of the beauty of our haircut for every occasion that we have little time to comb our hair.

4 Easy steps to make a bun like a bun

Making a side ponytail was never so easy in these 7 steps with an accessory fixture at the end

Trenzas is a classic that every woman does but we can collect the rest of the hair

Do you want more simple steps? You do not have time now you can continue with straight hair these braids as if it were a tiara

A bow where the bun at the nape will be more than the simple proposal and will be beautiful for any party

A hairstyle derived from the braids but that can also be from the collected hair

7 steps of easy hairstyles to make a hair with a braid that is fashionable

This hairstyle is my favorite reminds me of the 70s well retro and modern that is used

Hairstyle for the heads that have a lot of hair where the ends are taken to pick it up

Horsetail as used when we are in a hurry but with an original touch

Braids with a different crusader for hair

Hairstyle collected in 4 simple and beautiful steps

Another hairstyle with braids of crossed waterfalls I like a lot and is currently used

8 steps for a hairstyle where we have to have practice and patience

Braided with hair that has a few loops

Immerse yourself in the top of your head in case you do not have much time in 10 seconds you do it

3 Braids for a girl with a nape in the neck

Hairstyle with pigtail side for party and weddings

simple collected hairstyles for informal events

4 steps for the simplest bun and that leaves a touch delicate youthful and fun

Step by step pigtail on the side with a spring flower brooch

You have long hair but you want to see how it falls short I show you step by step how to do this hairstyle

Hair collected for a party where we apply thick braids


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