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15 Space Saving Ideas

“Home is where the heart is.” A house transforms into a home with its people, their feelings, and their togetherness. Each home speaks to the personality of its inhabitants. And who wouldn’t love their place to feel a little more spacious, bright, and homey? While a bigger home is everyone’s dream, you can make the most of your place by maximizing the available space.

Bright Side brings you some astonishing tips and ideas to make the most of your space and liven up the decor with a modern touch.

 1. This bunk bed is classy and saves space

Swap a traditional bed with this bunk bed to create that much-needed extra space in your child’s room for play or study.

With a minimalistic and modern design, it’s easy on the eyes.

Plus, it takes care of the issue of privacy too.

2. Get the best of both worlds: a study and a sitting area

Are you unable to decide whether you want a desk or a sofa in your room? Why not both? With this space-saving, minimalist design, you can include both in your room. This also makes space for storing books and papers.

3. Play with colors and designs

Use empty wall space and create this unique decor-plus-storage area. Keep books, keepsakes, souvenirs, or anything on this built-in unit. The use of contrasting colors accentuates the style and makes the wall stand out.

4. Use the vertical space to double the room

A bed atop your work-space or vice versa — this 2-in-1 design is the future.Make use of the vertical space — add stairs and double the available space in your room.Use the top floor for anything — a secluded reading space, work desk, or even an extra bed.

5. Murphy beds are the future

Murphy beds or wall beds are great multi-functional pieces of furniture.Use it as a sofa during the day and a bed by night.

It’s great for small spaces, where there can’t be a separate guest room.

6. If height is an issue, here are some pull-out bunk beds

If vertical space is limited, these pull-out bunk beds work just wonderfully. Space-saving, minimalist, and great for homes with a lot of kids. Instead of beds, you can also customize the space as a pull-out cabinet to store toys for kids or extra bedding.

7. A false floor for invisible storage space

Now, that’s what you call a space-saving plus a space-doubling hack. This false floor offers a huge amount of storage space without much effort. The area above can always be used however you want, while your things are stowed beneath. This decor is truly carving out its own niche.

8. Utilize your side tables with pull-out custom fittings

Side tables rarely add to the storage in the room.Customize them and make a pull-out drawer where you can store your night routine essentials like books, candles, moisturizers, etc.

9. Stay elegant with this minimalistic, fold-out dining table

If your home doesn’t have space for a dining table, fret not.This little customization offers a fold-out dining table making your small space classy and sophisticated.

10. Identify the wasted spaces and utilize ’em

Utilize the wasted areas in the house for extra storage space.

Make a rack, hang hooks, or create sleek shelving — use it to store spices, mugs, extra cutlery, cleaning supplies, shoes, or even brooms.

11. Go for unconventional design

Design that doesn’t conform to a set pattern will always make your little home stand out. It looks beautiful and also offers some fantastic storage space. Carve out shelves in walls and stack up books, toys, or display your souvenir collection. You can keep it open or add glass doors to make proper cabinets.

12. Install an over-the-toilet rack for stacking up toiletries

This over-the-toilet rack is best for small spaces to store bathroom supplies, toilet paper, or bath towels.You can also opt for a sleek cabinet beside the toilet instead.

13. Play with the design + storage concept

Make your decor stand out by effortlessly fusing it with storage.

Store extra toilet rolls in an Xs-and-Os decor or in any customized, creative furniture piece like one shaped like a sheep or clouds.

14. Corner shelves are your friend

A little shelf action will surprise you. Even a small, narrow shelf can hold a few of the bedside essentials like phone, books, night light, candles and more.

15. Make a floating desk to maximize on space

Have you ever noticed how many desks or consoles in hotel rooms are wall-mounted? Legs take up a lot of space so to maximize the floor area they use floating desks. If you attached a strong shelf it can be used as a bedside table, dressing table and more. Check out Brit+co for 22 space-saving desk ideas.

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