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15 New Ways To Use Old Socks

If you’ve ever done laundry, you’ve surely experienced the missing sock dilemma. You know, when you put a pair of socks into the dryer but end up with only one. Instead of throwing out those mismatched socks, you can easily turn them into any number of wonderful DIY crafts.

There are so many different things that you can make with those orphaned socks. From toys to coin purses and even clothes for your little dogs, you’ll surely find something in here that will help you to put those single socks to good use. These are some of the most creative uses I have ever seen for socks.

Most of the projects on this list can be made in a matter of minutes – at the very least you can make them while cooking dinner. And by the way, be sure to check out this amazing chicken, bacon, and spinach spaghetti recipe that is so easy to make, you can totally craft some DIY projects while it’s cooking.

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1. Arm Warmers

Whether you have a pair of socks that are worn down or you have a couple of mismatched ones, you can turn them into these great arm warmers.

Just a few cuts around the toe area and the kids can keep extra warm when they’re playing in the snow.

2. Coffee Mug Cozy

You can easily turn those old socks into these amazing DIY coffee mug cozies. I love this idea – mostly because I’m a huge coffee fan. You just cut the sock and if you want, sew in the edges.

The socks just slip right over your mug and help to keep your coffee or tea warm while keeping your hands from getting burned.

3. DIY Sock Chia Pet

How adorable is this? It’s a DIY chia pet that you make from an old sock. Just put grass seed and dirt into a sock, tie it off, and then use push pins to hold your buttons on to create the face. The grass will grow out the top and look like hair. Just keep the grass damp by watering a bit each day and his hair will grow in no time.

4. DIY Dog Chew Toy

Dog toys can be so expensive, although they do beat having little puppies chewing up all your stuff. A better way is to just use an old sock to make little pup his own chew toy. I’ve done this with an empty water bottle, which is great because they love the crackling sound. You can also use a tennis ball and tie it up in the sock to give him a really good pull toy.

5. Doughnut Play Food

Little girls love playing house and that means cooking up delicious pretend meals. Those food toys can be a bit expensive though – and they’re not always safe for little ones. You can turn old socks into these great doughnuts which are cheap and easy to make, and they’re really soft so they’re perfect for girls of all ages. You’ll also have a blast decorating these.

6. Door Draft Stopper

If you live in an area that gets cold during winter, you may notice your electric bill rising. Part of that rise could be due to drafts coming in your door. You can easily remedy that problem with some old socks and quilt batting. Just fill the socks with batting, sew them together and place in front of your door to stop those drafts in their tracks.

7. Potpourri Sachets

The toe ends of your old mismatched socks are perfect for creating these little potpourri sachets to bring wonderful scents to your drawers and closets. You can use potpourri – or actually I use Downy Unstoppable instead of potpourri. The scent seems to last much longer. Just snip off the toe ends of your socks, fill with your chosen scent maker, and then tie it all up.

8. Bean Bag Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is so wonderful for long car rides or flights. You can also use them when you’re just sitting around at home relaxing, and you don’t even have to spend $20 to buy one. Just fill old socks with beans or rice and you can microwave these for a few minutes before you use them to help melt away all that stress.

9. DIY Leg Warmers

Leg warmers have definitely made a comeback from the 1980’s and you can easily make your own with some old mismatched socks. You just cut the toes off your socks and you’re basically done. Or, if you don’t have matching socks, you could use pieces of different socks and just sew them together to create a matching pattern.

10. Long Winter Gloves

You don’t have to throw out those single socks – you can use them to create these gorgeous long winter gloves. The great thing about this is you don’t even need matching socks. You just use the tops, so they can have holes in the toes and they’re still perfect for this project. Since you’re only using a bit of the sock, you can create matching gloves even if you just have single socks in your drawer.

11. Cute Coin Purse

This project is for turning a baby sock into a coin purse, which is really adorable, but you could easily do this with larger socks, too. You basically just sew a coin purse clasp to the sock and you’re all done. You know you have tons of baby socks that lost their mates years ago – now you can turn them all into adorable coin purses. These are great gifts for girls and women of all ages, too.

12. DIY Sock Frog

Okay, this little sock frog is just about the most adorable thing you could do with a single sock. If you have a green sock that’s great, but you could honestly make him out of any color that you have on hand. The trick is in the stuffing and sewing, which is really easy. This would make such a wonderful nursery gift or a new toy for your little one.

13. Easy Pin Cushion

This little sock pin cushion will only take you about 10 minutes to complete. This is a great idea for all types of socks, especially if you sew a lot. You’ll need extra pin cushions, right? There’s just some cutting, folding, and sewing required, and that’s about it. This is a great project for teens who may be learning to sew and maybe want their own sewing supplies.

14. DIY Sock Pot Holders

This project is great even if some of your socks are worn and torn. You cut the socks into strips and then use a weaving loom to create the pot holders. Incidentally, you can pick up a plastic weaving loom at the Dollar Store in the kids’ toy section for around a dollar or so. Then you can make loads of pot holders and even give them out to your friends as gifts.

15. Easy Sock Doggie Scarf

Your dogs like to be warm – and stylish – just as much as you do. If you tend to take your little furry friends outdoors during colder weather, a scarf may be in order. You can make such a cute little scarf with a knee sock and a bit of sewing. Your dog will thank you for the warmth and you’ll have a ball showing him off in his little doggies scarf.

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