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13 Stylish Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

The time is almost here. Your sweet little bundle is due to arrive in the next few weeks (or months depending on how intense your nesting urge is). You’ve unpacked all the cute outfits and adorable onsies, washed them, and are ready to put them in the nursery. But you don’t want that sweet little one to come home to a room that feels cluttered and chaotic.

You want a place for everything and everything in it’s place. But there’s a problem: the clothes, though incredibly cute, are so tiny that no matter how you fold them or where you put them still end up looking like a disorganized heap. So how can you organize those baby clothes in a way that’s both practical and cute? Read on Mamma, because your mind is about to be blown!

1. Stay On Top of Baby’s Wardrobe With These Simple Tips

If you are drowning in a sea of miniature socks and outgrown onesies, it is time for you to get organized. These clever hacks and parent-approved tips for organizing baby clothes will put you and your little one on the right track, saving you time, money, and a smidgen of sanity along the way. Do away with one-handed dresser diving and tear-filled trying-on sessions. Usher in order and organization options that simplify your life.

IKEA closet with organized baby clothes

2. Add Another Closet Rail

Need more room for your tiny fashionista’s growing wardrobe? If you install a second rail in your little one’s closet underneath the top one, you can double your hanging space. Baby clothes are short and do not need as much hang space as adult clothing. A second rail also allows room for built-in vertical storage space, which leaves plenty of room to store diapers, toys, and extra receiving blankets.

Organize baby clothes with the perfect closet space

3. Get Closet Dividers

It can be overwhelming to get a lot of new baby clothes and hand-me-downs from friends and well-wishers. Sort those tiny treasures by size, type, and season, and keep everything separate with some hanging size-tags.

Nursery closet dividers for organizing baby clothes

4. Use Clever Clips

Instead of spending money on expensive clip hangers for your kiddo’s closet, hit the dollar store for a pack of clothespins. Keep those adorable two-piece outfits together by clipping the pants or skirts to the bottom part of the hanger.

Parenting Hack: Clothes pin clip hangers

5. Hanging Baskets

This easy hanging basket storage hack, dreamed up by Bethany of Reality Daydream, is pure genius. All you need are a few plastic crates and a pack of cup hooks, available at most discount stores.

DIY Hanging Closet Organization Baskets

6. Think Door Storage

If you are short on storage space, you probably can go vertical. This clever nursery-organizing tip, featured on Oh Joy, makes the most of otherwise unused space on closet doors. You can mount a vertical, track-based storage system to the back of the closet door and add a combination of baskets and shelving. This is a great way to stash all of your baby’s adorable socks, tights, hair bows, and diaper covers while still keeping everything upfront and on hand.

Vertical Storage for Closet doors

7. Hack a Shoe Organizer

Organizing on a budget? If you can’t afford a dedicated storage system for the back of your kiddo’s closet door, a $10 shoe organizer will work just as well. This idea by Meagan of Our Handcrafted Life stores everything from shoes to rolled-up onesies with this classic closet tool.

Organize baby clothes with a shoe organizer

8. Look at IKEA for Ideas

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to update your little one’s closet, look no farther than your local IKEA. This lively polka-dotted closet space, featured on Project Nursery, uses IKEA’s classic KALLAX shelf unit as a basis for a simple double-railed closet system. If you do not have dedicated closet space, you can create a nifty Ikea hack by mounting two rails between this elegant shelving unit and the wall.

Nursery closet IKEA hack

9. Hang Baby Shoes on a Rail

Tired of chasing down all those teeny tiny baby shoes? Hang your troubles up with this clever and creative shoe-organizing hack featured on Project Nursery. Simply mount an inexpensive suspension rod in your closet and use curtain rings to hang the shoes in tidy pairs.

Baby Clothes Organization Hack: Hanging shoe rail

10. Design a Chalkboard Dresser

Try dressing up an old chest of drawers with a fresh coat of chalkboard paint with visual cues on where the clothing can be found and where to put the items away. This is handy for the entire family—moms, dads, and kids. With its cute lettering and neatly labeled drawers, this one-of-a-kind piece, featured on Apartment Therapy, is as practical as it is pretty.

Chalkboard paint dresser for nursery or kid's room

11. Do-It-Yourself Drawer Dividers

Why spend money on pricey drawer dividers when you can DIY for a fraction of the cost?These simple dividers, devised by mother-of-two and on-the-move military spouse Meagan of The Homes I Have Made, take just minutes to make.You need spare cardboard and some pretty contact paper—or use foam core board if you need something sturdier.

DIY drawer dividers for organizing baby clothes

12. Save Space With a Trolley on Wheels

This beautiful blue IKEA trolley cart, featured on Glitter Guide, makes for a perfect, portable dressing station and provides a great alternative to a bulky dresser. Just set this space-saving beauty next to your changing table, and you will have everything you need to dress baby right at your fingertips.

If you are sharing your bedroom space with​ ​the baby for the first few months, you can use this rolling wardrobe/diaper candy in your bedroom, and save yourself a hike to the nursery every time you need to change a diaper or grab a clean oneness.

Rolling trolley cart for organizing baby clothes

13. Get Industrial

Wall-mounted baskets make excellent storage for diapers, onesies, and other changing table essentials. These vintage wire hampers add the perfect touch of industrial-chic to this charming boy’s room featured on Hanging with the Huie’s.

Wall-mounted wire baskets for organizing baby clothes

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