10 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Sow roses and get them well

When you want to grow your own roses and cut the twigs, the most effective trick to get them is to put the cuttings into potatoes, then plant them a few cm from the surface and water. To achieve it correctly look here.

2. Waterproof shoes

To turn your footwear fabric into a waterproof and do not ruin in the rainy season, get beeswax and smear your shoes. Then pass the dryer until the wax is not visible and you have your shoes waterproof.

3. Dry clothes on time

If you do not have sources of heat at hand and you have wet clothes that you need to use soon, take a dry garment like a shirt or even better a towel and roll the wet clothes on it. Then turn the towel over as many times as possible, exerting force, as if squeezing it. Unwrap and your garment will be ready to use.

4. Odorous shoes

When you have shoes that smell bad, put a few tea bags inside to absorb the bad smells. If it’s shoes that get wet and that’s why they smell bad, put 2 fists of rice combined with baking soda for a few days.

5. Tight shoes

When your shoes are new and they squeeze you a little, fill them completely with damp newspapers and balls; This will expand the skin of the footwear making it more comfortable.

6. Light a good fire

Maybe you want to make a fire or light your barbecue or fireplace and you can not keep the flame; put a fist of Doritos or tortilla chips, you’ll see what good fire is made.

7. Find small things

Use your vacuum as a locator for small objects, such as earrings; Just put half in the entrance of the vacuum tube so you do not swallow it and start your search. Check the media from time to time to see if the object you are looking for is already there.

8. To drink enough water

If you are one of those who take care of your daily water intake, you are sure to take your bottle with you. To make sure you do not forget to drink it all, mark your bottle in divisions with hours that will indicate how far you should drink water according to the time of day.

9. Remove tartar from the toilet

In the toilet pour a large bottle of Coca Cola and let it rest for a whole night; the next day, wash it with soap and it will be shiny.

10. Uncover pipes easily

Pour a cup of baking soda into your covered sink and immediately pour a cup of vinegar; It will be uncovered immediately.

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