10 Cool Ways To Lace Shoes

These lacing not only distinguish you from the crowd but also relieve pain in the legs.

1. Grid

This beautiful interlacing of laces is quite popular. Best of all, it looks on shoes with an average number of holes: from six to eight.

2. Web

The web looks amazing and does not lose its shape. This lacing is difficult to tighten well. But if you do this, the shoes will sit tight on your leg.

3. Straight lacing with short ends

Lacing with straight lines and without internal zigzag. Suitable for shoes with an even number of holes, otherwise it looks random.

4. Double colored lacing

You will need two pairs of laces in different colors. Choose contrasting colors and fairly short laces so that the bows are not very large.

5. Wide crosses

This lacing is difficult to tighten or loosen, so you should not lace-up shoes like that if you have to take off your shoes often. But it looks very original.

6. Hexagram

The lacing is pretty loose: you won’t be able to tighten it tightly. But it looks super-original – you can hardly see it on the street.

7. Lacing with a pass

It relieves pressure from lifting the leg and provides mobility of the ankle joint. This lacing is suitable for people with high lifting legs, in which the upper part of the foot hurts from the long wearing of shoes.

8. Lacing for hiking

Lacing equalizes the pressure on the foot and ensures safety: nothing will catch hold of your shoelaces, because they are on the same side.

9. Ladder

Lacing is very tough and reliable. Great for hiking boots and skates, but it’s not easy to tighten.

10. Lacing with knots

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